When the sun sets.

April 5, 2011
By adelade BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
adelade BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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I'm in the process of shaping clouds into day dreams, and day dreams into reality, because they are worth their weight in gold. why not have something you dream turn into the real deal. i'm tried of living a complete lie, having all these thoughts and doing NOTHING with them. shape up and live the life you want to lead, live the life you want to be proud of and do the things you wouldn't ever think capable because what people might say about you. break the mold and go be who you ought to be. remember your morels and the things you hold dear to your life. take a hold of the steering wheel and drive the demons out that have kept you from creating. keep your smile on your face at all times, because remember it's breath taking and let those people take your breath away if they are worth it. and lean me some butterfly's that flap their wings in your gut. lean on those that loved to be leaned on, your doing yourself a favor in the long run. widen your eyes, and open those creases that you've been hiding. if you need rules, to be on your best behavior, make some! be the crazy person you love to be. live with children and live in the wildness of grass. make believe that you are a ship captain, and you be the boat. YOU LIVE THE BOATS LIFE. you make believe every f***ing chance you get. when you think you've had enough, don't you ever let enough be enough. let the sunshine turn your skin into gold, or in my case that shade of red that isn't as appealing as i would like to think. let the mud cover your feet, your feet, your feet that take you to the places you need to be, a hand and a foot and a nose and a mouth, what is one without the other. we have all these tools, inside us that we don't believe in. we need to believe that the other one is the best one, if not the better one, so we are always striving to be better. we need to believe that things ARE worth it.

The author's comments:
When it get dark, is when I start deep thinking, and one night, after the sun set this is what I came up with.

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