April 10, 2011
By Anonymous

My brother is my savior,
I know that’s weird to say,
But thinking about him makes me smile,
Each and every day.
He has been through so much
In his short years.
Thinking about it now
Still brings me to tears.
At age two he almost died
When he fell into the pool.
Wynona tried and tried
To save his little life.
They almost pronounced him dead,
When his faint heartbeat was found by a nurse
We have her to thank
That he didn’t end up in a hearse.
We rushed him to the hospital,
Where two long months he stayed.
There was nothing we could do,
So we got into a circle and prayed.
We knew god had a plan for him,
Or he would have died that night.
Now every time I see him,
He beams just like a light.
Every time I look at him,
There is a smile upon his face.
I wonder how he could be so happy,
When the bad things happened at such a fast pace.
His blue eyes light up the room
Everywhere he goes.
I’m lucky to have him as a brother,
And every time I see his face,
I know that he’s my saving grace.
I love him with everything in me.
I hope when he’s older,
He’ll be able to see
What a huge impact
That he has had on me.

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