April 14, 2011
By anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
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SEVAS TRA (Art Saves)

Pent-up emotions, stored deep within my blood for centuries
You were the one who said I held
my secrets too tightly;
you were the one who leaked your love,
so why do you wish for her
to hold so gently,
the love you had written here?

I despise, something with my little eyes,
somethign hard to touch, hard to swallow
Take what you want,
I'm the original martyr here
Watch me die on the cross of your predictions,
until my thoughts make me explode

Little purple veins; bite me in silence
If I had a noose, I'd be so far away
All this hidden danger,
is slowly drowning me

Break free from these burnt heart strings
I am your victim,
as the clock chimes in on time
When the moon falls down,
I'll never close my eyes

Anger and fear,
holds me so dear
Baby, love me;
with the danger on your tongue
Baby, love me;
your emotions keep me young
Maybe, I can
control this dizzy head,
without the handcuffs
that keep me in my bed

I despise, something like,

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