All the Hands in the World

April 14, 2011
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All the hands in the world
Some can draw a masterpiece
While others can write a symphony
Many hands that write stories
And poems that are works of art

All the hands in the world
That can cook a dish of wonders
Score the winning point
Caress and child’s face
And hold another in its grasp

But also, all the hands in the world
That break windows
Steal peoples lively hoods
Hold people at gunpoint
And crash a plane into a building

All those hands
That hurt people
Hold people down
Beat them half to death
And that are clasped to pray to a god they don’t really believe in

But I think to those hands
That cheer for a team
Save a helpless person
Raise to answer a question
Go down to help someone up
Embrace in a hug
And pray to a real God
All the hands in the world

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