Time will make me stronger

April 13, 2011
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I guess the ties that bind are the ties that break.
Things fall to pieces so that someone will come along and piece them back together.
So even though there is this emptiness about me, I have faith that things will change.
Even though wounds are still fresh, I know I will be stronger with time.
They say you can never really move on till you put the past behind you so I am in no rush to jump ahead.
I need to take time to analyze where the mistake was made ande learn to avioid doing that again.
I guess ignorance is bliss after all because the less I hear and know the more detached I feel.
It is funny how much people can decieve you.
Some people just really surprise you.
The one person I thought i knew suddenly changed.
I was shocked to say the least.
I just never thought you'd be the guy who would hurt me...

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