Monster In Disguise

April 15, 2011
By stainedglassmasquerade BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
stainedglassmasquerade BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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As he searches for his victim, he knows weakness is the key.
What is he wants is vulnerable, he senses it in me.
He pulls me close with his sweet facade,
I'm lost in the mess of his terrible charade.

I'm blinded by the compliments he whispers in my ears.
Little did I know, the smiles would soon turn to tears.
He asks me the question, like he's giving me a choice.
But his overwhelming aggression silences my voice.

My resistance goes unnoticed, he doesn't even care.
He's causing so much damage. Is he not aware?
The effects of his destruction can't ever be erased.
Would he still have done it if he knew that was the case?

Look past his lies to see the monster in disguise.
The pain of his actions will never leave my eyes.
You had no right to touch me, you worthless piece of crap.
Are you satisfied yet? I fell right into your horrible trap.

I won't give you the gratification, I'll hold my head up high.
I refuse to stop being happy because you're just some stupid guy.
I'll put the pieces back together, healing a little more each day.
But you're the one who needs the help and for you, I will pray.

The author's comments:
This is written about a recent experience that I'm still dealing with. I wrote it to help make sense of what I was feeling about the whole situation.

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