The Famous Red, White, and Blue

April 15, 2011
By JakeDePaolo BRONZE, -, New Jersey
JakeDePaolo BRONZE, -, New Jersey
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The Famous red, white, and blue waving high above all,
It can be seen flying almost anywhere,
Many people have their own interpretations of the famous red, white and blue, though.
The red, known as the blood we have shed on others and others have shed on us,
Others think of the red as the passion and desire this strong country has for freedom and justice.
The blue, some people think of it as the Atlantic and Pacific and the Great Lakes,
Others think of the blue as the yanks, the good old fightin' yanks who never give up,
Thie white, now this color can be interpreted in many different ways,
Some look at the white as racism, the battle between whites and blacks in early America.
When Americans look at the flag they see baseball, apple pie, and songs around the campfire.
When non-Americans look at the flag all they see,
Is the famous red, white, and blue flying high above all

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