sea of loneliness

April 29, 2011
By dracoking98 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
dracoking98 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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Sea of loneliness
As I drown in my sea of loneliness, I feel that no one can rescue me.
I have nothing to say for this feeling, like a void inside my very being.
There is nothing to do but except my fate, and wait till my end.
My life has been fine, with all my friends and family.
Yet still I am not safe, for this should not have happened.
In my voyage my friends all left, bringing me to loneliness.
My family all began to fade, from the earth but not from my heart.
Now it is my time to go, to finally see them again.
Out of my sea of loneliness, flying into a warm sky of bliss.

My soul is now at rest.

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