Heat Lightning

April 5, 2011
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It's "one of those nights" when the sunlight drips down the back of my head
Like the nerves that conquered my lungs.
Aching, I remember the glow behind your steady eyes,
Like the stable center of a shifting kaleidoscope.
I'm transfixed by the blurred weekend smudged across my rainy windshield.
The sky bawls out for me,
A sweet release of that sacred tension that slept between our heavy hands.
Cerulean heavens buried themselves in the red memories branded onto my back.
Bliss knocked all sanity out of my cloudy existence.
I need your gravity to press against my arms,
Gently weigh me down,
Hydrate the thirsty catalyst that crawled beneath my seething skin.
I need your famished embrace,
The ravenous corners of your smile that reach for a clear forecast.
Brave the wind;
Come to me.

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