April 5, 2011
By sam600 BRONZE, Supply, North Carolina
sam600 BRONZE, Supply, North Carolina
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Your “friends” all go to the beach,
And no one invites you,
Then you wonder if you’re nothing more than a leach,

A sad, sorry, stupid little leach,
That no one really wants around,
And then you think what behind your back they speak,

Do they really care about you at all?
Or are you just someone they put up with for no reason,
If they truly wanted you around, why didn’t they call?

If they didn’t want you why couldn’t they just say it?
Instead they had to move behind your back,
And for a moment, just a moment you finally felt like you fit,

Are you a charity case they complain about?
Or a play toy for their amusement?
And then yourself you begin to doubt,

Are you worth hanging out with?
What could you possibly bring to the group,
It’s apparent without you they could live,

And then you wonder if they only knew,
Would they have called,
If they knew the pain it caused you.

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