April 5, 2011

He just sat there
staring me down
Grilling me with
steady eyes.
They were bronze.
No, make that golden.
I've never seen that
on a person before.
I've never seen that
on anything before.
Who was this guy?

He has the strangest, yet charming
way of getting exactly what he wants.
And he's always wearing that thick, ugly ring.
He protects it with his life.
So what does it do for him?
It doesn't seem right.
And when we touch,
I feel horrid inside.
Like his soul is

I guess I'll never understand this mysterious creature.
But whoever he is
And whatever he's capable of,
I can never trust him.

The author's comments:
Only Vampire Diaries' fans will enjoy this because they will be the only ones to understand it. I was watching it one day and I decided to write a poem about my favorite character, Damon as another one of my favorite characters Bonnie. So enjoy(:

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