The Lustful Trees.

April 5, 2011
A walk silently past the lustful trees,
On to off yonder towards a love disease.
A skip happily into the speaking cave,
But swiftly close to the sleeping slave.
A run cautiously watching the clouds of infatuation,
And gullibly entering the doubtful situation.
A sprint into a brick wall of no return,
And finally a burning passion that no one can learn.
A jog in a fire of sure death,
But no one can change his mind,
Until he runs out of breath.
A quick notice of warnings all around,
He hears the cries,
But blocks out all the sounds.
A fast pace walk of extreme hurt,
She was only scarred,
But he had been burnt.
A shameful crawl back to admit himself a fool,
And a short swim,
In the heartbreak pool.
A towel of wisdom wrapped around his waist,
He dries of slowly and goes back for another chase.
A race into the unknown he watches for her,
But he hits a dead end, with nowhere to turn.
A decision to set up camp,
And a hope for a second chance,
But soon after waiting too long,
He realizes not only that she’s not coming back,
But that she was never there all along.
A guided remembrance for what was never there,
Can’t be too hard to fix, if there’s nothing to repair.
A crawl back home, he sleeps until he is ready.
Woken up again, just to dream steady.
He will wake, smile, and begin once again just to feel the breeze.
And then again, with a new apprentice, he will return,
To the lustful trees.

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