I Remember

April 5, 2011
By , Las Vegas, NV
I remember when:

You cried and cried, and when I could only watch,

I tried to cheer you up with a small and gentle touch,

My legs were short, so weak and small, unable to chase after you,

I dreamt for strength every day to lift you up to the sky so blue,

I remember when:

You tried to fly, your arms spread open wide,

My jealousy desired to keep you right here by my side,

You hid inside my house, somewhere that I would never find,

I found you then, though I was late, but you were very kind,

I remember when:

Our teacher snapped when you came in hours late,

We’d mischievously steal the key and lock the strict school gate,

We’d laughed and laughed at the stupid jokes we’d always, always made,

We were young and spirited, thought memory wouldn’t fade,

I remember when:

I came to you, thinking that I was lame,

I said the words “I love you” and we’d never been the same,

You’d turned away, so cold and harsh, and said, “You’re just my friend”,

I cried and cried, like you before, that we were at the end.

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