April 5, 2011
By HerBestNightmare BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan, Michigan
HerBestNightmare BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.
-Edgar Allan Poe

The Blackness of sleep isn’t there tonight.
Now it’s color pulsing through me, like a rave.
Beats of color.
Angles wiping and sliding.
I’m in it.
A buzzing.
And hissing.
A sizzling.
It’s like everything warping and
even though everything
says don’t go,
you must.
You’re warping with it.
I’m warping with it.
It’s all black and neon.
Cool and Euphoric.
Hard and Demonic.
Like being in a Dark-Matter and electric smoothie.
There’s a pull.
A defined pulling.
I go with it.
It’s inviting.
Like trying a drug or something.
You feel like
there’s something that’s going to happen
If you do,
but you’re already too pumped,
tripping on your own adrenalin
to care.
And I could see myself going
with the pull.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Mother, to tell her how I felt, now it's a poem, pretty cool

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