Passing Time

April 5, 2011
By Esper BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
Esper BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
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i lived new now full of energy
my birth has awakened so much potential
i dreamed very simple dreams
all so very pleasant
i loved much along with family
and cried just as often
i worked no amount of time
my freedom had no bound
I lived in a dull house
in which noone onderstood me
i dream confusing images
in which there seemed no end
i loved a certain fun loving girl
eyes a transluscent sweet blue
i worked only because i had to
and once i could i moved
I lived in young times
which where very very kind to me
i dreamed sweet happy dreams
because i have found my peace
i loved the same girl always
and with marriage upcoming
i worked only for her
to make our new life better
i lived amongst the field of grains
and the whispering winds calming me so
i dreamed along with the dying light
and golden horizons fading away
i loved beneath the sweet breath
but she died and left me here
i worked along with dying pains
and hurt when blisters befell me
i lived when the time passed me
and age entranced my senses
I dreamed when my thoughts betrayed me
they took me to happier places
i still loved even when she was downed
and with her end came newfound hope
i worked along through the years
until wrinkles fought againsnt my face
and i still lived when the grains died down
and then the winds blew cold
i still dreamed longer and longer too
as everyday passed by
i still loved and loved knowing id be there soon
even though age has bombarded my memory
i worked unto my awaited death
yet time goes on and on still

The author's comments:
Basically a person remembering his life from birth

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