How Soon Is Soon?

April 5, 2011
By , Corry, PA
How Soon Is Soon
when the doctor tells you
some terrible news
How Soon Is Soon
When your heart melts
after a storm
How can you handle
Death, Pain, or loss
Is it to much to assume
That life has no meaning
without Jesus himself
I thank him,
For all the love he’s shared
And placed my soul
into a body
where my soul grows a flow, But,
How Soon Is Soon,
When he says your life is almost over
We can’t prevent it,
even though
we don’t want them to go
But Jesus as we know
Knows there going to a place
with more grace and hope
then we could ever imagine
And I know
Our god will not let us down
Because he speaks to us
He forgives us for all our sins
and he still loves us
no matter how many mistakes we make
He’s given us
A heart there is stronger than strong
but I still ask him every night in prayer
How Soon Is Soon,
Just answer this question
I need to know,
How Soon Is Soon?

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