April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Here I wait in this night
For the gods of the light
To awaken
I try to understand
What I’m missing
Is it the laugh I must share
Or is it something
I have to bare
My head is pounding
And I here voices calling
I have no where to shift
My sister is there
and I am here
It’s something
I have always feared
If I had lost her
I would lose myself
And I could not
survive the heat
I know that’s not true
And I intend to improve
I have awakened
From the evil
I have awakened
Form stoppable time
I have awakened
From you
I intend to get over
What I have lost
and just deal with the loss,
Awaken with me
Awaken from sleep
I have awakened
From everything
In this evil dream

The author's comments:
When I wrote this piece i was in denile and hoped the spirits from above could guide me 'wake me up and smell the hot coffee"

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