Alpha and Omega

April 5, 2011
Take a look at me
Take a look at you
We can never be
We are in a world of heartache
And living in the world of pain
Day by day trying to fight it
Saying it’s going to work
But then we’re depressed
By the end of the day
Because like I’ve said we can never be
You and me are off limits
In every single way shape and form,
I can’t live without you though
And I cry myself to sleep every night
Just thinking of what could have been
How my world would be different
If we were together
But I have to live without you
I am a Alpha and you are an Omega
All that will become is more pain more tears
And having nothing to do about it
I am sorry but this is goodbye
But I will love you forever
Sorry, we are at the end of our line

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caprifox97 said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 3:42 pm
hey tiff this is awsome!!!! BlalalalalalaBa
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