The Bus Stop

April 5, 2011
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"I just don't understand!"
I said to him
"Why is my life so out of hand?"
I find myself discussing a topic
with someone at the bus stop
Knowing he can't fix it
It's better to have someone there to listen
A happy life is something that I'm wishing
I say
"Why? Why me? Why my family?"
"It's not a dream house but it's a place to sleep
"No money, no nothing what do I do?"
He turned around and says
"I have something to tell you."
My ears are open when he speaks
Tears start rolling down my cheeks
Realizing I'm not the only one who needs
A person there for me
He asked
"Why else would I listen to your story?"
He knows how it's like, to live like this.
I shouldn't complain about how I don't deserve this
But this conversation was all worth it
I now feel ,Everything will be okay
And when I have a lot on my mind
I'll always think back to this day.

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