Heaven’s Hope Sealed with a Wish from Below

April 5, 2011
By New.York.Dreamer SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
New.York.Dreamer SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"When the road of life gets rough and potholes come abroad, your courage and strength come alive. The giving up may seem the only hope, it never is. The road ahead never stops. You make the choice, never anybody else."


I never had the chance to say this to you before
Everything sped by and happened so suddenly fast.
One day you were here for,
the next, we had never predicted would be your last

The mother, the grandmother, the wife, the sister, the best friend, the believer, the supporter, the praiser, the lover.
The woman who stood as strong as a solider on a rugged battlefield.
The woman who never let anything stand in her way.

You kept your golden heart lying on your sleeve
with not one day spent without smiles.
You turned every person’s frown up side down and led them to brighter days.
And marked a living legend upon every person’s soul, and that will never leave.

You allowed yourself to stand in strength at our side when else we could never have found a way.
You spoke with such pronounced southern phrases and had the most beautiful smile in the world.
You showed us all how to make something out, when you have nothing.
And please remember we always believed in you

I saw you walk the thin wire, never looking down
I believed in you through wind and fire
Even when the hardest of hailstorms hit, you were the light of the sun shining through.
And I always believed in you.

You are the shadow in the dark
You are the light that keeps me going through the fight.
Broken in a million little pieces
You piece me back together

You taught me to just BE when you believe, for you are the hope in all my dreams.
You are the love in all my heart.
You are the light shining hope in rays down from the heavens

For everything you did for us
For all of the walking you did on our hearts.
For all the footprints you left upon mine,
For I have realized that because of you, he has carried me through the sand.
For I hand you my only hope to fly free up above as my guardian angel and hero forever. For this is my last wish.

Rest in peace FOREVER & ALWAYS
I Love You Grandma Long

The author's comments:
I wrote this to her, for her, dedicated to her, the day before her visitation at the funeral home. My emotions poured out. I knew she would have fell in love with it and it would have meant the world to her. She adored the quote about footprints in the sand. That is what she lived to see. She gave me all her hope and strength in life. For she was the GREATEST grandmother anybody could ever ask for. I swear she had always been more like a second mom than anyone, more like an angel sent down from heaven, and I was blessed to be able to call her my grandmother."

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