Little Girl Don't You Cry

April 5, 2011
By inkwriter SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
inkwriter SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
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Little girl don’t you cry.
Little girl why do you look so sad?

The sun is hidden behind clouds of gray.
The sun hides behind your eyes.

Little boy why do you run?
Little boy stay calm and stay awhile.

The waves rush over the rocks.
The waves take what was yours into its murky depths.

Young woman why are you on the cold street?
Young woman can’t find her home.

The sky it turns around in circles.
The sky does what it pleases with us.

Young man where have you gone?
Young man is sent away to fight someone else’s battle.

Mountains stand guard over our loved ones.
Mountains, keepers of lost worlds.

Strong woman, why have you stopped trying?
Strong woman life is not over.

The moon goes through cycles.
The moon is reborn and dies and is reborn again.

Brave man, please come home.
Brave man lies with his comrades in cold silence.

The fields stretch on for miles, white markers stand guard.
The fields are pocketed with flowers by marble.

Old woman do you remember ?
Old woman don’t forget yourself again.

The sun comes out and shines through the haze.
The sun reminds us that it is never to late to fight.

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