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April 4, 2011
By lilred1025 GOLD, Warren, Ohio
lilred1025 GOLD, Warren, Ohio
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The slipping hope, a broken dream
another stitch, another seam
through icy glass a wall of hate
Sadism our only fate
Artificial whistles can't call the dove
scientific theories can't accept love
a number, a device, how is that a friend?
And our own petty worlds are our only end
Encompassed by lies and surrounded by fools
Human emotions replaced by tools
we have nothing to fear, but fear ourselves
the end of our magic, our dragons and elves
how can our children avoid the fight
when chrome-tinted reflections block the real light?
There's a labyrinth of lies if we insist
Truth slowly fading in self-induced mist
On the horizon peace means nothing at all
And we as a people have no farther to fall
In that grim future how can we be free,
When masters of death lead society?

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