If I Were a Building...

April 4, 2011
By Hamleton SILVER, Ferris, Texas
Hamleton SILVER, Ferris, Texas
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I would be the house on the corner.
Doors open; willing to take anyone in,
Warm and cozy, inviting to all.

My lights would shine out windows
Deep into the dark, dread night.
The night, closing in, surrounding
Everything, blackness, is here.

Lights outshine the darkness,
Outshine the pain of the world.
The lights are protection.
They hide what truly is,
Obscure the face of the obscure.

Leaving the inhabitants to make
What they will of the surroundings.
The darkness could bring joys:
Old friends and ones to be made.

But darkness hides all.
Silhouettes and shadows
Left as such,
Feared and avoided.
If only it were light.

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