My Tune

April 4, 2011
There’s a tune that I would like to tell of
It’s a tune that everyone can listen to-
Because it changes so fast, time flies-
When you are listening
It has its clanging, it’s banging-
Its chimes, it’s counting times-
But it lacks words, so it also lacks rhymes
It tells of true love
While also telling of true hate
It tells me my fate-
Because I created and continue composing this tune
My tune-
It’s the tune of the once lost-
And the tune of the now found
My tune-
It’s like an eternal flame-
Going on and on-
Never to stop
For if it stopped-
That would be the end of me-
Because it is my tune
It goes low and goes high-
But will never, never die
Unless I end it myself-
Because it is my tune

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