Life: A Definition

April 4, 2011
By Hamleton SILVER, Ferris, Texas
Hamleton SILVER, Ferris, Texas
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The very idea of defining life is absurd.
That proposes that life is definite,
Life has parameters, limits, boundaries.
This idea is crippling, stopping life in its tracks.

Life is about spontaneity.
Life is about living.
Living is a state of mind.
A state where anything is possible,
A state that suggests no bounds,
A state of complete completeness.

Completeness cannot be crated,
Cannot be confined or controlled.
Confinement breeds emptiness.
Emptiness implies missing pieces.
Missing pieces imply failed plans.
Plans fail and life, by definition, fails.

Life is about spontaneity.
“Carpe Diem,” says the poet.
Spontaneity is living for here and now.
This is life, and that is absurd.

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