Peace in Death

April 4, 2011
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There’s a beauty in death that no one sees
Only one’s already dead with their bodies in a loveless grave and their souls in a distant sky know
Their ghosts walk endlessly on the earth wanting their whales of suicide to be heard to those breathing
Because only they know the aestheticisms of death
Since their heartless now cold and grey, and love if only a word to them
And they wish we could hear them because if we did then the earth would become vacant
But they can’t tells us, until a stake struck our hearts or bullets make us fly
Yet I know, my brother has whispered it to me through the dense wind
And what he said, in the low taunting voice that the dead have is
Death isn’t as scary as we think
The grim reaper isn’t dark like nightfall instead he’s bright sunny day
With flowers blooming on his black skin
Butterflies flocking to me just for warmth
With eyes of a clam ocean reluctant to drown us
See when death comes with its grey heart and crying soul we shouldn’t wither, we should stand
Because when you die you become alleviated
The pain and misery of this world is lifted
Tears faded into your skin, your heart stops breaking
Death bring something that life would never grapes: Peace
When you die, the worries of paying for school, people that blow up buildings
The economic state and nearby depression vanishes
With death brings silence, all you do is sleep
But don’t go chasing after death because death also kills dreams

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