Loss and Gain

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

When I was born there was nothing I knew
When I was two I made a friend, one that I hoped to have forever
When I was three something was wrong, my mommy was put in the hospital
Her hair started to fall out her face became pale, she smiled at me and told me it would be alright
Thing got better then grow worse, when I entered fourth grade
My mommy was back in the hospital with what I now knew as cancer
My life was spiraling I felt so worried
I could not tell what was to come
That friend that I met when I was two helped me through my sadness
My mommy got better all was well, but then fifth grade came
My best friend forgot me
We no longer spoke a word
My other friends became better
But my friend since I was two was gone
Everything came crashing down
I felt I did not belong
Middle school was the worst
A girl that I thought was my friend made me hurt
My best friend never spoke a word to me
Ever again
She was gone I gave up but I still had my others
Friends I felt I would have until the end
Things are better could be worse
For now I enter high school
Scared for what was to come
That friend I lost speaks some words
But I still feel sadness
My best friend in the whole world
How helped me through middle school
Is always there for me
I need to talk, she lets me talk
I need to vent, she lets me vent
She is the light to my dark
I do not know what I would do
If she were gone
My world would be nothing
Like the way I felt before
But one thing I will always know
Is that friends come and go
But best friends, sisters, last forever
That friend is like my sister, she will last forever

The author's comments:
The poem is basically about something I went through, my hardships. How I felt losing a great friend but getting closer to another.

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