The Life of Lucipheal Gothin

May 5, 2011
By kennyjd11 BRONZE, Placentia, California
kennyjd11 BRONZE, Placentia, California
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All you seem to do is fail,
With school you never prevail.
Everything you encounter makes you feel depressed,
You are unhappy and frequently stressed.
Maybe you should climb aboard a ship and set sail.

Where are you?
Hopefully up in a better place.
You were the nicest person I’ve ever met.
I miss you man.
Life has been so hard without you.
I hope we will see each other again soon.
So sad,
being stuck here without you.
You were the greatest.

Why are you so weird?
You hang out with Ackley.
You can’t do anything right.
All you do is mess up my assignments.
Everyone knows you’re a looser.
Don’t even bother with Jane.
I will give her a good time.
Will all your mishaps,
You will always be a screw up.
Bother me again,
And I will punch you a lot harder.

It made me feel depressed,
Girls. You never know what they're going to think.
I’m the most terrific liar you’ve ever seen.
It’s phony, I could puke every time I hear it .
All morons hate it when you call them morons.
People never notice anything.
People never believe you.

Holden, here it is,
Why can’t you get the ladies?
You are a coward.

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