I'm Sorry

April 15, 2011
By IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
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"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Sir Isaac newton

I'm Sorry,
Sorry I had to get in your way,
Maybe if I didn't get in your way,
I wouldn't notice you.
I'm sorry,
Sorry I wasn't brave enough,
Brave enough to change classes,
So my feeling wouldn't have grow.
I'm sorry,
Sorry the office made a mistake,
on our schedule,
Now, we have the same classes.
I'm sorry,
Sorry I wasn't brave enough,
Brave enough to miss my flight back
Maybe that way, I wouldn't be here.
I'm sorry,
Sorry you had to see me again,
The one that you wished,
Wish you wouldn't see again.
I'm sorry,
Sorry you had to hear my voice,
The one you said isn't girly,
The one you made fun of.
I'm sorry,
Sorry for the past three years,
Sorry I had liked you,
Sorry we had the same classes.
I'm sorry,
Sorry for not giving up trying,
Trying to figure out
What made you hate me.
I'm sorry,
Sorry for wanting to be your friend
One you can talk to and trust,
One who can make you feel better.
I'm sorry,
Sorry for calling the number
That whoever put in my locker.
I'm sorry
Sorry for writing this,
When I clearly shouldn't,
When you're someone else's.
I'm sorry
Sorry for whatever mistakes
That I have done, unaware

Now the question is,
What should I REALLY be sorry for?
When you had make most of the mistakes
When you had made me feel this way.

The author's comments:
This is for a guy that I met 3 years ago. the guy that I've been crushing on for that long. August 10, 2009. Gym class.

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