May 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Is it time to give up
I realize it's over
Should I go smile and
act like it's all okay
when really it's not?
I don't know what to do
who to be
I've screwed up so many times
no even likes me
I'm ashamed of it all
I'm in a lot of pain
So I must still be here
Pain lets us know were still alive
Pain lets us remember the mistakes we made
It makes us who we are
But I'm at the point where it's gone to far
I'm scared to face each day
to even follow my dreams
Whats left for me
I try to make people happy
Even when I'm not
I try to be who they want me to be
and they still don't love me
Nobody has in a while
Well now that I'm gone
Ive come crashing down
and lost the best thing to me
I'm sick of crying
making excuses
I've splattered at the bottom
like broken glass
no one to help me up
I wont clean up the mess
I've got no way up
I guess it's meant to be

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