they don't matter

May 4, 2011
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one time i sit
and so i think
i wreck my mind
to find something, something interesting to entertain
and so i ask what's matter
is it style or reputation
color of hair or my clothe
is it who i hang out with
or my religious belief
is it my race or how i look
is it how smart i am or how good i look
what's matter? is it my shoes or my popularity
but then it all come
to me
what's matter is love
families and friend
what's matter is respect, understanding and companionship
what's matter it's not what people think of me it's what i think of myself
what really is it's how i look at myself and at others
what matter is accepting and believing
is adopting and caring
but the most important of all is love
yes those are what matters
but the main key is love
with love we can conquer pain
with love we can be stronger
with love we can forget the past
with love with will overcome sorrow and grief
love yes love that's what's matter

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