May 4, 2011
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When you try to judge me
Look at me wrong or put me down
Bc I don’t dress like you
Talk like you
Or live in the neighborhood tht you do
Remember MY neighborhood
Remember the way I grew up
Oh that’s right you don’t know
Well then how bout you people stop being so stuck up
Maybe chat and listen to some of the people that
Are usually hiding in the corner shadows of the classroom not saying a word.
Im not perfect
I didn’t know my mother til almost 5 years ago
I had no intension of still being here
You might wake up the mext day
Turn on your news channel
And see the persons face
Who you just called a nerd or loser
Or smelly breathe or even trailor trash-the day before
So watch what you say
Or your actions around people
Because those might be the last things you say to them.
The last time you see them
Til they come to your dreams
And haunt you in your prayers

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