Our Last Freedom

April 21, 2011
By Sharada_Sharple BRONZE, Port Charlotte, Florida
Sharada_Sharple BRONZE, Port Charlotte, Florida
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Gears whirling, mechanisms hissing.
Moving parts connecting seamlessly.
A jaw, an eye, a saw-blade tongue,
Lips that don’t move, ears that hear every sound.
These are the future race.
Latex skin, laser red eyes.
Brains that make faint whizzing noises.
Telescope eyes, better then a hawk’s.
Steel teeth, stronger then shark’s.
Clawed finger nails, sharper then cat’s.
To see their prey,
To crush their prey,
To tear their prey.
No remorse, no love, no actual thought.
Remote controlled, programmed to a master,
Told what to do, told who to kill.
Unfeeling eyes of blood red.
Our last sights torn away by cold metal,
Our last chances of freedom turn against us.
Our world belongs to them.

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