Mr. Brown Eyes

April 21, 2011
By AnnabelMarks BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
AnnabelMarks BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Hey, Mr. Brown Eyes, you stole the green from the leaf
You’re still running from the words but we’ve lost the police
Your mother took your keys and your dad has lost his mind
He dropped his brain and ran upstairs; we’re closing all the blinds
The girl next door wanted change so she cut her hair
You liked the way she panicked when the world began to stare
She left the party for the church and the pastor sends his best
She was afraid that he could see the smoke that tumbled with her breathe
Lat night worrying left you up but the pills kept you care-free
With eyes closed you touched the bloody bed they said they didn’t see
The girl next door is dead inside; she threw a sheet over the mirror
And in the night you watch her scream but now the pastor doesn’t hear her
Everyone says she’s fine but you see her dying in your dreams
She’s lost the world that used to worry but her last choice is too extreme
Hey Mr. Brown Eyes, you sat with her in the middle of the night
She put the knife down and you watched her demons fight
She cried because they stabbed at her, leaving wounds in her mind
She couldn’t find a place to go and she didn’t have the time
Her parents said she’d be okay, they said she was just tired
You glared at her while the voices spoke and burned her heart with fire
Dear Brown Eyes, what’s next? You can only sit and hold her hand
No one sees the hurt in her and no one understands
Her textbooks are piled up in the corner, her room is painted blue
She told the workers to paint a sky because she loves to see the moon
When she was little she played with dolls but now the leaf has taken place
She lines up the powder and cleans the needles in hopes of staying sane
She tried the church but they didn’t believe in the death that took her mind
Mr. Brown Eyes, you can only try so much before you cross the line
Her cat is in the closet because it doesn’t like the smoke
She sits down on her bed and begins to knot the rope
The girl next door who cut her hair and hid from the stares
Is hanging from the ceiling now, conquered by her fears
So please, Mr. Brown Eyes, don’t cry for her anymore
You stole dreams from the world and gave them to the girl next door
You held her hand and took the knife but there’s no place that’s safe
The empty eyes stare back at you and leave you with no faith
She can’t see the walls of her cold blue room
But only what the dark can bring when she let the voices rule

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