April 21, 2011
Its hard waking up every morning knowing the boy i love so much i do not have anymore. I miss his smile and how he would come to my house every morning to get me for school and i miss how he knew when i was down and was not myself. Its not the same no more and i miss the old days so much i loose my mind sometimes. when i wake up i have our pictures on my wall to make me smile and when i am cold i have his sweater to warm me up right along with the teddy bear he bought me to keep me a company at night. Sometimes i think to myself and ask myself what did i do wrong to loose him because i thought i was a good girlfriend. He said he wanted to be single and did not want to be in a relationship anymore. It broke my heart when he said those words but in the end i had to respect it. It took me time to get over it but i have my days where i wanna ask him back out but i am so scared. I think i should give him time and let him think. We still talk and see one another but its not the same. He said i mean the world to him and he loves me so much with all his heart and it makes me cry all the time. I hope one day i wake up from this dream and my boyfriend is there next too me. In others words i just want my boyfriend back in my life and by my side because without him here my world is black and white. <3

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