A chance?

April 21, 2011
By EmilyLovesOranges BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
EmilyLovesOranges BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
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An untouched subject
a forgotten lore.
A symbol for so much more
lost in the harrows of society
tossed to a man - a deity.
Was it worth it

to forfeit?

I am staring through a tiny portal,
pretending to be anything but mortal.
A rounded gateway to

a lonely freedom

a vast unknown.

My hand becomes intertwined

with that of another's.
There is another heart beat in my enclosure.
The night sky is neither black nor void -

is there yet hope for the broken?
Taking my first tentative steps to an

unknown freedom.

Will he understand my fear?
Is he a victim or a volunteer

of this cruel concept we shall call life?

A perfect compliment

to my being,
allowing me to escape my own


"You quote your world in equations

see the patterns that connect us.
While I transcribe mine to graphite and paint-

binding it to canvas."

And yet I find he can fix

my broken mind.

"You have relinquished you heart
giving me no time to depart.
So let me tell you about myself

my mind

my heart..."

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