awaiting your rescue

April 20, 2011
I have tried so many times to write you an apology letter

but I have run out of paper and ink

so as i write this letter i am using my blood as ink and my skin as paper

please do not think of me as a heart-breaker

for i never intended to hurt you nor break your

lovable and kind heart

I was in doubt of your love and I apologize

I was like a bird, born in a cage, free for the first time, I knew nothing of flying

I knew not what was real

I was only trying to look out for myself and I apologize

I was blinded by all the deceitful sights in this world and I apologize

I was deaf from all the noises in this world and I apologize

I knew not what I had and I apologize

I knew not that you were an obsession, an addiction, and an irreplaceable piece of me

I knew not what my foolishness would lead to and I apologize

I knew not that I would fall for you and miss you every second of the day

I knew not I that I would weep day and night for not being with you any longer

But I cannot do anything to change what has happen

You have gone with the left

You left me with sweet memories

Memories of being lost in your eyes

Memories of finding comfort in you

Memories of feeling wanted and loved

Memories of your presence hypnotizing me

Memories of being your moon and you being my sun

Memories of being your world

Memories of being happy once upon a time

Memories of us

Please remember us

Remember me

Remember even my name

For I am lost without you

My life has no meaning

It is full of nothing but regrets

I have taken off my mask so you can see the real me

The real me that loves you

The real me that will sit here, watching the sunset, awaiting your return into my life

The real me that awaits your rescue

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