Promise Me

April 20, 2011
By , Chatham, NJ
Promise me that everything will be ok
Our world will turn out right
Everything will go as planned

Promise me that you’ll pick me up on my bad days
But laugh with me on my good ones
And cry with me when I just feel like crying

Promise me that you won’t ignore me
Just because they’re better than me
And you’ll love me for who I am

Promise me that when it’s the worst of times
We’ll stick together and never drift apart
You and me, forever and always

Promise me that you won’t turn into one of them
You’ll stay exactly the same
From way back when, in kindergarten

Promise me that you’ll always love me
And even when I drive you crazy
You’ll always be there to say whatever I need you to

Promise me that you don’t like him that way
Because I don’t think I could handle that
Not again
Promise me that we’ll travel the world
See all the sights to see- together
But please don’t bring him

Promise me that he won’t replace me
And you won’t pick him instead of me
I need you more than he does

Promise me you wont move on without me
Because I don’t care where you go
I’m coming with you

Promise me you’ll never become quiet
You are the loudest person I know
And I want to keep it that way

Promise me I’ll hear your voice
It’ll be there, yelling for no reason whatsoever
Cause sometimes just screaming at the world fixes things

Promise me that nothing bad will ever happen
And when we think our world is crashing down
We’ll look back again and realize that it’s nothing

Promise me that if we have to separate one day
I’ll stay close to your heart
Cause you’re already rooted in mine
Promise me that you understand
All I want is for him to stop
Everything that he does

Promise me that you didn’t tell him
You know that’s not what I wanted
I told you at four in the morning

Promise me that you’ll never lie to me
Whatever it is, I won’t get angry
Sometimes I just want to know the truth

Promise me that you won’t say yes
Even if it’s tempting
Just walk away

Promise me that you’ll call when you’re in trouble
I know it’s going to happen one day
Just please don’t get hurt

Promise me that I get to wail him in the face
When he just leaves you one night
But only if I don’t chicken out like usual

Promise me that you’ll always laugh the same way
Cause even though some people find it crazy
I love that laugh
Promise me that when you say bye it’s not the end
The story goes on forever and ever
But it’s ok if you rip out his chapter

Promise me that you won’t forget me
And you’ll never give up on me
You know I love you *****

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