Silence So Loud

April 20, 2011
By EmilyStevens BRONZE, Cedar Point, North Carolina
EmilyStevens BRONZE, Cedar Point, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, then its not the end." ~ Unknown

The silence on the outside burns violently on the in.
It tingles and tinkers, stinging my ears.
I'm alone, with just my anger, and nothing else.
The steady and rapid thumping climbs through my veins.
Inching its way to my temples.
My sheets crinkle and the quiet makes me insecure.
The deep foot steps of sin climb the stairs.
The silence is here to get me.
My short gasps are too loud.
Too loud to stay in my sanctuary.
I only think of all that you’ve put me through.
Its all I can hear.
Its torturous.
It pains me.
I'm alone.
I'm vulnerable.
Lies grab hold of me and break peace.
I shiver.
Its harmful mockery taunts me.
You're all alone.
All alone.
Rage mumbles something.
Something too inappropriate to let go.
Shattering the silence, you free it.

The author's comments:
A journal entry prompt inspired me, as well as my anger inflicted by lies. I received a lot from this poem already because freeing my thoughts calmed me, but i hope people will find comfort. The words are sharp, but different interpretations will show that you are not alone.

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