April 20, 2011
By , Chatham, NJ
You have to look in deep
Beneath the skin
Through the veins
Around the insides

To get to the heart
Of a person; a soul
And to find out who they really are

Don’t you realize what he’s doing?
Please don’t change

He’s trying to change you into one of them
One of those girls

Girls who just follow guys like him around
And do whatever they want them to
Please don’t

Don’t turn into one of them
Don’t listen to him
Don’t fall for him
Don’t trust him
Don’t believe him
Don’t say I love you to him
Don’t forget me
Don’t let me go
Don’t ignore me when he comes over
Don’t like him more than me
Don’t take this the wrong way
Don’t think I hate you
Don’t expect things from him
Don’t think of him
Don’t buy him stuff
Don’t treat him like a king
Don’t give into his lies
Don’t think the way he wants you to
Don’t like him like that
Don’t love him
Don’t love him
Don’t love him

Believe me
He’s just another idiot
Waiting to screw us all over
Trust me

When have I ever lead you down the wrong path?

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