- An Unspoken Relationship

April 20, 2011
-.ii told mah self that ii would make some chanqe && ii tried too...but;;

-.wen you fall into a deep love nobody could tell you anything about tht person.

-.you be so blinded by the sight that everything is perfect..but deep within you know the truth..

-.everybody has the outside looks into the relationship

-.nobody knows the deep truth about how yu truely feel or what you actually see,

-.ii haven't quite qained the strenqth to walk awayy but qained the access to know the difference between the truth and lies;;

-.see thee past is the past && iif yu stuck on it yu won't never kno wht your future holds.

-.and if you can't understand thee difference between the past present and future then your going to be screwed

-.cause it's not you ii don't trust but the private thouqhts that keep me wondering

-.bout what's going to happen nxt in your world is where ii want to be but unqround is where you hidden me;;

-.last words mark this paqe && thee deep hatred feelinqs towards you

-.there iis really nothing more too sayy

-.beccause iim stuck in thee deep thouqht of every lovinq you && when ii finally endured (thouqht ii did) truee love

-.iit was taken awayy but how could you endure sombodys else lover

-.iit just won't work;;but yu built up the friendship//relationship strictly on lies;;

-.nothinq else moree too sayy kause maybe deep alonq thee wayy there's astory beinq told but as for as the rest it remains truely

[{UNSPOKEN}] && standinq at the mic you'll be left [{CHOKING}]!!

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