Perfect Nighmanre

April 20, 2011
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I had a perfect nightmare once of a starry moon-lit sea, drowning ever slowly and still the angels hear my plea. I had a perfect nightmare in a room I was not alone, bloodshed and tears for my sin cannot atone. I had a perfect nightmare of a demon upon the sea, the demon had three face and all were laughing down at me. Vengeance I will take with my blood-stained coldest steel, a dead warrior haunting a world that's far too real. In my perfect nightmare I did but still I rose, and in this perfect nightmare a burning path I chose. In this perfect nightmare the operation room i see, still I cry out but all angels have abandoned me. In the chair i struggle but to the ground i fall, I cannot walk so along the floor I crawl. The floors and walls are blood stained the ceiling dimly lit, still I'm slowly crawling my teeth stained with grit. I wake up from this nightmare but still I'm lost at sea, now from this nightmare I know I wont be set free. So with vengeance I take my blade for all you must be slain, Ill take my steel and from you all blood will drain. In this perfect nightmare you all lay dead amongst the heavy rain. Angels demons and you all know as well, for in my perfect nightmare, you all burn black in Hell!

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Ahale said...
May 23, 2013 at 4:12 pm
Thank you! Something I don't see a whole lot in poetry is vivid diversity, so I try to incorporate that in my writings.
demonia said...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 9:32 am
i read this poem and was intrigued by its word choice. it kept my interest. awesome job.
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