Sea of Memories

April 20, 2011
By XadowBree BRONZE, Houston, Texas
XadowBree BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Life is a dead end..

Falling down, deeper down,
Drowning in the clear blue skies,
Drowning in a sea of memories,
Flooding memories,
With the mearest hint of a smile,
A very vague memory,
From so long ago,
I can't verify it's reality.

And I look at you,
And I see an angel,
All golden smiles,
Shining and beautiful,
Reverbeating love in every direction.
I can feel your vibration,
Making my heart pound,
Until your memory fades from my mind.

I think my heart's stopped beating,
It's too broken.
And memories can't repair it,
A memory is just a token,
And I can't hold the memory,
Without crying.
And I wonder about miracles,
If they ever become physical?

I never wanted to lose you,
And I've lost count of the tears,
Those solemn tears,
That feed melancholy memories.
I never dreamed you would go first,
But now I feel the hurt,
Of the deepest emotions,
That my soul now swims in.

Flying again,
Soaring in an ocean of deepest blue,
Soaring through the clouds,
Vaporizing, disintegrating,
With the touch of my fingertips.
I need to land,
I need the terra firma beneath my feet,
To stop this flooding sea of memories.

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faerest BRONZE said...
on May. 30 2011 at 5:27 pm
faerest BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
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this is soo sad, i know how u feel, but prob a different way than u....

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