Heart's Hole

April 20, 2011
I knew things were to good to be true
I knew I couldn’t stay with you
I wish I could have realized before I fell
But I already hit the bottom

You aren’t here to catch me
My brain is dumb, but my eyes still see
I see you aren’t here
You never wanted to be here

Here I am in the pit
Surround by all this s***
You are probably in paradise
Drinking your fine wine

But your fine wine is just cheap beer
Its nothing without two here
But you don’t see me
Because I am done with you

Left here in this deep dark pit
Where my heart stays to sit
I barricaded the hole
So you couldn’t re-enter the soul

But now my heart is gone
No way to mend the bond
You ruined me for the people
Who might actually want to fix me

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