April 20, 2011
I am not perfect , but neither are you
I just do my best at all that I do
You may see me smiling, but deep down I just cry
Because I know that my happiness is nothing more than an elaborate lie
I never asked people to like me nor to share with me my fears because in this
world no one listens so your pleas for help fall on deaf ears
No one sees the pain and pressure I feel to conform to a society that wants me to fail
Moments like thus make me feel that I am growing up in hell
They say I talk to much and I don't act like a young lady
but there's more to being a girl than opening legs and popping babies
Boys don't seem to love you for your mind nor care about your soul
If you not on your A game these streets will swallow you whole
I walk around like I'm bulletproof and like I really don't care
Your opinion of me won't allow you to get anywhere
Life is no fairy tale and love is not a game
They have people trying to break me praying that I go insane
But still I rise despite the depise that they have in their eyes
Because I am determined to have a better future than the one accepted by most
I'm intelligent and my name will always be relevant no need to boast
I don't talk to many because I have enemies a plenty
But it's mostly because they can't stand my walk or understand my talk
I don't walk with my head down because I want you to see the look on my face
So you can understand that no man will ever tie me to a place

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