Stolen Innocence

April 18, 2011
By reihreih BRONZE, Carthage, Missouri
reihreih BRONZE, Carthage, Missouri
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I thought that I loved you and we'd last forever
I thought when I met you, you made everything better
I thought I could see us together forever
Then the lies that you told became a twisted love letter
You told me they hated you, that they wanted you dead
You told me that you didn't do anything they said
Then I met your stepmother and I seen the kids
How could you hurt something so innocent?
The youngest was one, the oldest was four
The joys of being a mother she’ll never know
You stole seven childhoods and caused so much pain
The fact that I trusted you drives me insane
I question your motives and your every move
From the place that you’re staying you should be removed
I gave you my all and it wasn’t enough
You’re sick in the head and you really need help
I hope that you get it before you hurt someone else
I hope that you mess up just one more time
When we can send you away for the smallest of crimes.

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