I love you...

April 18, 2011
By Buckwheat BRONZE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
Buckwheat BRONZE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
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I Love You…
I was lost.
But now I am found.
I didn’t know what I wanted…
until I found you

You’re my life, my world, my everything.
I smile when you look my way and
I blush whenever we talk.
I feel my body tremble whenever we kiss.

There’s somethin’ about you
Haven’t quite it figured it out yet
for some reason, I fell.

I fell into your arms,
giving you my heart.
Scared to death, but
I still took the chance

I took the chance on a damaged heart
You haven’t let me down
You never have,
And you never will.

That’s why I like to say,
I love you…
More than life itself

You complete me
You’re my life, my world, my everything
I love you…

The author's comments:
my amazing boyfriend inspired me to write this.

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