April 18, 2011
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Monsters under the bed
have moved into your lungs.
Shadowy creatures
now fill your heart.

Creeping from forgotten corners
demons crawl closer,
as day turns to dusk,
light fading.

All alone to fight beasts
that tear you apart;
trapped inside yourself,
no one will calm your fear.

Delusions keep smiles
for a little while,
until you remember
lost happiness.

Lying alone in gritty realizations,
think back to laughter,
recall times of magic, play
scenes of joy.

Dark sadness won’t bring blood-
yesterday’s light is the true knife;
your face will glow with easy moments taken
for granted as you struggle against sweet memories.

She’ll never take your side,
and he’ll never love you.
They wish you’d disappear,
and the rest of ‘em look right through you.

Don’t worry ‘bout nightmares, girl,
now you’re living one.
Loss chases you through a charred battlefield,
smoke still rising.

Searching for something
that can’t be found. An invisible
secret of a future without loneliness.
And slowly, you grow tired of looking.

Why run? You’ll never escape
the crumbling maze of mistakes.
So curl up and let the smoke of
failure choke your lungs.

No one wants you, no one
will save you. You can’t change
no matter how hard you try,
never will anyone see you differently.

Terrors come from the shadows now,
so take one more breath and fall
to a dream of forgotten happiness-
dream of a blurry past.

You’re all alone.

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