Simple-minded game.

April 18, 2011
Love is all but a simple minded game,
and only few know how to play.
There are no rules,
there are no laws.
In love, everything goes.
In love, it's alright to cheat;
on a girl who thinks you're her world.
In love, it's okay to break into a girls mind,
just to steal her precious heart and drop it on the way out.
Love may be all but a simple minded game,
but for silly boys it's pretty easy to play.
They don't have to think with the heart;
the controller of love.
They think with the mind;
the controller of lust.
They walk down the aisle of broken hearts,
aiming for the weakest pray.
They treat that heart with sweets and jewelry.
They fix it good as new.
But any guy can tell you,
breaking valuables is most fun when you don't get in trouble.
So they drop it off the tallest building,
expecting it to stay partly connected so someone else can come along to find the lost pieces.
Love is all but a simple minded game.
Only a few know how to play.

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