April 18, 2011
We are Powerful.
We can cure the madness,
caused by bland culture itself.
We can help the lost souls
trying to find their place,
in this unrealistically real world.
We can manufacture a society
in which loss is not an option.

We are Powerful.
We can find new existance,
throughout the hidden forests of the world.
We can find a way
to suppress all sickness.

We are Powerful.
We can tear down someones trust,
only to bombarde it with rude conclusions.
We can steal away the hopes and dreams,
of those not strong enough to keep hold.
We can concentrate on the matierialistic,
only to have every last bit of it worth nothing in the end.

We are powerful,
to a point in which one cannot comprehend.
Evil or good; the choice obviously yours.
We are powerful.
Too very powerful.

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